Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I'm 30

Wow - old.  I'm super lame about not having pictures, but wanted to update the blog nonetheless.

My birthday was great.  Low key and fun and spent with my sweetheart.  We snowboarded, had breakfast in bed, read a book...all fun stuff.

Work has been funny.  Not "ha ha" funny. Crazy busy to the point where you can't remember when you sat down last or if you ate lunch funny.  Today probably topped all others on funny....here's what happened.

Not only had we way too many patients to scan and not enough time to do so, but there were a few people in the department that had a bad enough attitude that it brought the whole mood down.  There were some portable ultrasounds that needed doing, so I volunteered to go just so I could get out of dodge.

I went upstairs, finished my first scan and was headed to my second when I realized I really had to use the facilities.  I drank too much water that morning and hadn't had enough time to do anything about it.  I got to the patient's room, asked the nurse where the nearest bathroom was located, and headed down the hall.  I noticed on my way down that a maintenance guy was doing some touch-up painting on the corner of the door.  I didn't think much about it since he was painting on the opposite side of the hallway.  His cart full of supplies was right in the middle of the corridor, so I kinda shimmied past it to get into the bathroom, closed the door and happened to look in the mirror and caught sight of my backside - COVERED IN WHITE PAINT.  I had gray scrubs on.  White on gray is nice on walls - not so nice on my bum.  I stood in the bathroom in shock.  My scrub top didn't cover my whole backside, I wasn't in the ultrasound department, but in the ICU with nurses and patients and no one that I knew.....oh, it was funny.  I took my pants off, got paper towels and tried wiping the paint away.  Thankfully I got it all off, but now I had a new problem - a HUGE wet spot on my bum.  Sure glad I told that nurse I really had to use the bathroom....  I stayed in the restroom for a good 10 mins, trying to dry my pants and eventually deciding I didn't really care.  Sometimes I wonder how I do the things I do.  Ridiculous.

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  1. Well, Happy Birthday!!!!! 30? Oh, how sweet, you young thing!

    hahahahhaaaahaha, I love pant peeing stories. Not that you did! But close enough. It hits so close to home. Story of my life.

    xoxo, Bree