Monday, December 27, 2010

A great Christmas 2010

Merry Christmas!!!  Yeah, I know it already happened, but what a fun time of year!  Reid and I spent this Christmas in Colorado with my parents and siblings.  We had a progressive dinner Christmas eve and it turned out really fun.  Lots of good food and conversation.  Everyone got to see the great decorations at the different houses, which is always a treat.

 Christmas gifts under our tree.  One of our first Christmas mornings all alone.  It was delightful.
 Decorations at my mom's house (with her camera too, which really does make all the difference).  On my Christmas list for 2011
 The entry way to my parent's home.  Love, love, LOVE the "Joy" at the top of the tree.
 Love the mantle decor
 Christmas morning was Ugly Sweater party at it's finest.  Unfortunately, Levi and Kels, we didn't win.  During the judging, my brother whipped off his shirt to reveal a star he'd shaved into his personal sweater vest of chest hair....uhhhh hilarious.  And, who can top that?!
 Cute kissing angels
One of the funniest gifts of the day.  The superman snuggie.  Who doesn't want to be warm AND be a superhero at the same time!?! 

All in all, a wonderful time with family and friends and remembering our dear Savior.  It truly is an amazing blessing to feel of the love Christ has for each of us.  I couldn't help but steal this adorable youtube video from a friend's blog.  It captures the sweetness of the Christmas spirit in the little girl's voice. 

Hope everyone had a great holiday and here's to 2011!!! 


  1. Well u both looked mighty fine anyway :) but u r right, can't beat the star.


    Beautiful merry pictures! I have never been snow skiing. I live in Utah. What is wrong with this?!!!!

    Loves! ~Bree~