Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Love the mountain

Oh, the weather outside in Denver isn't really frightful, but a few weekends ago in Beaver Creek it was delightful!!  So much snow and it was great to try boarding again.  Our friends had a hotel already, so we jumped at the chance of sleeping over for the night and being on the hill when it opened.

The trip started out great for us, but pretty bad for our friends.  They left at 5pm, hit traffic up the hill, had to wait in Copper while Vail pass was closed....and finally made it to the hotel at 11:45pm.  Reid and I left at 8:15pm, got to Vail pass just as it was opening and made it to the hotel at 11:15pm.  Yikes.  Jenny and Mark barely spoke to us the rest of the trip :) 

 Mark, Jenny, and Reid
 Bryson, Erin, and Cade
 Snowboarding - although when you look at the picture, it seems like I'm just standing in a pile of snow.   
 Holding to Reid's shoulder because my board kept moving but I wanted to stop for the picture.
Chillin' after a long day at the Ritz - what I wish I had a picture of was the crazy good hot chocolate.  Thanks again Reid :)

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