Monday, September 26, 2011

Hello Chicago!

Well, it has been forever since I've written - and since I can't sleep, why not update the blog.

Dental school is in full swing and it is true what they say - there is a lot of material and lots of studying.  So, I'm grateful Reid and I had time together before school :)  We'll see each other soon enough!  It's fun to see the shift of working full-time and now studying full-time.  Thankfully, he doesn't have to work while he's doing school and life is good.  Reid has met lots of new people from class and so far is enjoying it - as much as one can enjoy school.

 This is Reid on Day 1 - although happy in the picture, he wasn't thrilled I was so excited to take his picture.

I am working at two different hospitals close to home.  We live in Oakbrook Terrace, IL which is about 30 minutes from the city of Chicago.  My parents recently asked what I love about Illinois...and my answer so far has been our apartment building.  It has been a huge change, and one I thought I was ready for, and yet it hit me just this week how much I miss everything about our home in Colorado.  But, we really have been blessed and this is an adventure. (this is what I keep saying in my head to prevent any unwanted pity parties)

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  1. Hope you don't mind me checking in on your blog, Erin! I can't resist because you're at our old stomping grounds. We lived in Lombard before we moved here to Colorado (Westmore Rd north of Roosevelt, and also International Village on Finley for a summer), and Nathan worked in Oakbrook Terrace on Meyers and 22nd. From what I hear you are in our old ward! I bet they are thrilled to have you. There are some good people out there and it was really great for me in helping me grow spiritually. I hope you have some good experiences there, too!