Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Well - I'm just going to say it

This patience thing really just....isn't my thing.  I've been waiting to post any news about dental school until we heard from University of Colorado, but at this point, I feel like me breaking the news that

(even Tim Gunn is excited!  This has got to be good news)

We are soooo thrilled.  He is like a new man - it's just great.  It's exciting to move closer to the goal of being a dentist, regardless of the location.

After listening the General Conference this weekend, it was wonderful to hear the many talks about experiences, and how they will be for our good.  I can't say I would want to re-live this last year (uh - NO), but it has been a year full of growth for both of us. 

We are planning to move to Chicago in the fall, unless something else pops up before school begins (hint, hint CU).  I'm trying to wrap my head around such a change in scenery, as well as the exciting/frightening aspect of finding a new job, a place to live, new friends, new ward, new EVERYTHING.  But, we'll go where we need to go.

Otherwise - life is just going on as usual.  Here's a montage of the random things going on (this is why I don't blog too often....BORING):

Reid's brother and sister-in-law came to visit, which was awesome!  We had a great time seeing some of Denver and visiting Beau Jo's.  Love it!  We also saw Red Rocks, where Reid had to teach his younger brother how to hit a large rock formation with a snowball.  Very vital teachings :)

This is the lovely site I see most mornings on my way to work.  It's such a funny thing, considering I'm usually driving at odd hours.  Apparently, this is when all the construction gets to start.  So, I naturally become a very safe driver while snapping pictures mid drive.  It helps me hone my braking skills (no, have not hit anyone... yet)

A new way to make a great chocolate chip cookie - mix the chocolate chips until most of them break down into the dough, making a chocolate, chocolate chip cookie.  Delicious.......

 Only one drawback  - use a stand mixer.  We don't have one, and now we don't have a hand mixer either.  This poor thing started smoking and we had to lay it to rest.  You were a good hand mixer.....  but the cookies still turned out great.

More to come....once life becomes slightly more interesting.

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  1. That is awesome! Congratulations Reid! What a great experience this will be for you both. I'm anxious to hear about all of your adventures in Chicago.